1   Psychometric test

Knowing Yourself can be boon is the world of restlessness and confusion.This test help you realise your core competencies and decide what is best for you. Internationally standardized exclusively designed for giving you the most accurate results for your personality. *whats this?


2   Career,Academic & Parental Counselling

Decision making can be very difficult when you have too many options around you. Sorting it out for you we will be guiding students at every juncture of their career & making sure they don’t get stressed.A focus on strengths, person–environment interactions, educational and career development will be given to provide the best for them.*whats this?


3   Soft Skill & Interview Training

A must have in todays competetive world . A set of program specially designed will be focusing in your all round development, be it any field your personality will shine and you will be more confident than ever. *whats this?


4   Creativity Classes & Workshops

Do you have some creativity in you and you want to explore it more?? Come be a part of our classes and workshops by professionals and bring out your talent for the world. Talent is not limited, you are talented and we believe it.*whats this?


5   Innovia learning

A technological wing of Dreamlinks, deals with how to implement technology in day to day life and make it understandable to every common people. Surprising you with a new content every now & then.*whats this?


6   Student Skill & Development Program

After a long research time,Dreamlinks came up with a special program of parallel education to make a mark difference in every students life.Creating a new realm in the field of Education.