Cultivating Morning Culture for Success

Look at any person across the World who is successful and happy, and you will find there lies a morning routine which no one can deny as the basis of their success. 

With this article I intend to help you and your family to design a morning culture and scale a path of happy & successful life.

When I was young, I too found it difficult to wake up in the morning but due to school routine somehow I managed to get off the bed. 
The real trouble started when school days were over. I didn't have any reason to leave my cosy bed. And it went on for more than a year and had almost destroyed every good habit I carried. My health started deteriorating. 
I became lazier than ever.

Procrastination that started in morning  stayed with me whole day long. 

In India almost everybody has heard from their parents that waking up in morning is a good habit, especially before sunrise but the next truth is, its hardly followed by any youth. 

I corrected my morning habit after choosing Entrepreneurship, especially after learning the fact that almost all the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies get off from bed very early in morning. 

It surely reminded me of my father who kept saying the same thing but I always ignored. 
And that's the case with many youth today in India. 

The fact is, its the morning and the way we wake up decides our whole day. If we wake up like dragging our body out of the bed, whole day will be a drag and we will be lagging in all our task. 

Here are some points and tip to make your dream of morning culture a reality.

1) Decide at Night

We cannot wake up if we don't have anything to do in morning or any target to achieve. You have to have your mission.
Before you go to bed, decide why you want to wake up in the morning. 
You must have a solid "Why" for anything to be done with ease. Having a "why" is like raising yourself on an inclined plane, on the other side of which lies your success. 

Make a list of benefits you would get. The bad habits you would avoid. The failures you faced because of it and how it will lead you to achievements.

The psychology behind this activity is to give your mind a strong reason to ease up your waking process, just like it does when there is any important work in the morning for example - catching the train, going to a picnic, etc. 

"The moment we forget our destination and reason for walking, is the moment we become lazy." 
You have to keep reminding yourself the reason for waking up every night before sleep till it becomes a habit. 

2) Two Minute Fight

2 min of fight with your laziness in the morning can give you an amazing energetic day. 
"Well began is half done" 
Just count to five and wake up, 90° from bed, don't just open eyes. 

Just know that all the reasons you are giving to lie back on bed is nothing but nonsense and is just a mind's play against your will. Make sure you don't fall prey to it as you have to win.

Your first step for winning your day takes only 2 min.

3) No Phone Rule

Phone is becoming our master these days as the one thing that has full control over us is our smartphone. 
The moment you touch your phone you are in totally different world. A whole new perception opens through which you start to look at our world. All the rubbish things people are posting on social media will spoil your sense of peace and first experience of life in morning. 

The one way to avoid all the negative feelings and thoughts is to not touch your phone or at least don't turn on your internet. 
(Negative feelings includes anger by reading some news or feeling jealousy after seeing friend's pic or any thing).

Just remember that nothing so important is happening that could wait whole night and not 30 min more. 
You must spend the first 30 min of morning with yourself with experiencing your life, not other's.

4) Drink Water after you wake up

  1. It will open up your eyes instantly.
  2. It will detoxicate your body from toxic chemical released during sleep.
  3. It will help your bowel movement.
There are many more benefits of drinking water in morning. Click here to know.

You can keep water near to your bed.

5) Brush your teeth

If you are not feeling the urge for bowel, you can utilize your time by brushing your teeth. 
It will finally wake you up and sharpen your senses. 

6) Set up your mood

Now you can go for a small walk, or exercise or do anything that gives you kick for the day.
You can put up some music that you like or as per the thing you are doing like jogging, yoga, meditation etc.

If you are not a fitness enthusiast, you can simply take a walk outside to fill your lungs with fresh & less polluted air.

Simply do something that motivates you or something that pumps some blood in your brain and makes you more active. 

If you are active now, your 2nd milestone is achieved. 

7) Carpe Diem (Sieze the Day)

You are all set to make your day by prioritizing your work. 
While the blood is being pumped into your brain, its time to use it to design your day.

Decide what are the most important work you have to accomplish this day and prioritize them.

By scheduling and prioritizing you will become more efficient with more clarity of thoughts. 

This small 15 - 20 min of work can boost your confidence and lead you to face your day long challenges.

8) 5 min of Gratitude

Take out your time to thank your loved ones for being there for you.

In India many of us show gratitude by touching the feet of our parents or elders. 

You can choose any way according to your beliefs but the most important part is to show this gratitude. 
Closing your eyes and remembering your close ones, who are not near you, can have a same effect on you. 

(If you are a parent- a hug and a kiss can do wonders. 
** I remember my father used to call every morning and talk to everyone when he was posted to a different place while serving in Indian Army.) 

Bonus : Expect the unexpected.

There will always be something unexpected that's going to take place. Just don't let it ruin your morning and your prioritized work & most importantly never let it bring doubt on your decision to be happy, passionate and peaceful.

Enjoy your Day!!

Aniket Swapnarshi

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