Are You Too Old to Dream?

" My time is over!!"
"It's not the right time"
"Dream?? At this age!!.. No.. No.."

Have you heard these words? Do you remember where?
Yes, most of the time it's you who is feeding your ears with these words again and again.

Now read the following quote and trust me its worth reading louder so that your ears can hear it.

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream"

~ CS Lewis

I m sure many of us have heard these lines but don't know why we refuse to accept it in our heart.

I believe that in the core of our tiny heart there resides a big dream, your dream, the dream you always wanted to pursue, the dream you still want to pursue but at the same time those dream frightens you too, actually it frightens you more than anything when .. when you start thinking of the result or the consequences, When you start thinking of previous failure of life, when you remember those faces making fun of you , when your own family thinks you are going mad because of growing age.

It's really hard and heartbreaking.
It happens with almost 90% of mid age people in India.
We fear the comments of other.

"Remember when you were a kid. Lot of people made fun of you when you cried, when you fell while running, and you used to think that you could never make it but what about now, 20 years from then, no body is there who laughs on you because you are not weak at the things you were.

With time and experience you learned and grew and became more strong.

The same thing goes now. Life and words of society repeats itself at every milestone of age but in different colurs. Just the style changes.

Now look at yourself, you are more stable about the lessons and principle that you learned in life. You are more capable of discovering, clarifying, taking decision and action towards your dream.

So why you are not moving, what are the things holding you back?
Those temporary feelings can't stop that ever lasting desire  dwelling inside you. Its your dream. It will haunt you even in the sleep, till your last breathe, if remained unfulfilled.

If you don't pursue your dream your life starts to stagnate. You feel much older than you actually are. Trust me, its true!!

Don't let it go. Dream and pursue it and feel younger, just like a magnificent child, who is not afraid of anything, who is ready to face anyone to grab the thing he desires. Be like a child again and feel the freedom.

You would be watching the movie of your own life at your deathbed.
Make sure you leave no chance to regret.

You have postponed it many times but this can be your last one.
It's totally upto you that when you movie is playing inside your mind, its worth watching.

So, please dream and let no one deter you from realising your goal, not the people, not your age, even not yourself.

Just think that if your dreams come true who will be the happiest person on earth!!
It will be none other than YOU.

Dreams are the gift of god. They are magnificent. Go grab it and become magnificent with your dream.

Its time to be responsible and prove your existence to this world and more than anything, to yourself.

Go ahead, your Dream is waiting for you.

Live your life before you die!!.

Aniket Swapnarshi

A Social Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Writer and a Dreamer

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