Why Start-Up??

Hey friends, as a social entrepreneur, motivational speaker and founder of an Educational Startup, I have had a lot of opportunities to meet up people from different field and discipline, mostly the youth.

A question that was very common among them was " Why should I go for Startup?" and "Should we do job in a startup?"

I will be discussing some benefits and losses of associating yourself with a startup which I learned in my 4 yr experience in multiple ventures.

But let me be very clear, Startup is a very Hot word these days, and I mean it literally. Either this fire of startup can take you to your Dream or it can burn down your every Dreams to ashes.

You must have certain qualities and skills to be an entrepreneur, trust me you can learn it all, with time and patience.

One quality is Maturity and as I believe " Mature doesn't mean a hard headed practical person but a person knowing this world enough to not get demotivated & discouraged easily in his* journey towards his dream.

Let's get to points.

Why you should choose Start-up?

1) It can fulfill all your colorful dreams.

2) Can take you to a position in five years where job takes 25 yrs to reach.

3) Can change you as a person in positive way if you don't like to give up easily.

4) Can give you a lifestyle you have imagined.

What it takes from you? (Prepare for the worst)

1) Your dedication, devotion, your energy and enjoyment ( luxury).

2) Your time :- 18 to 20 hrs a Day if you want to reach your 10,000 hour mark quickly.

3) Your entire savings.

4) It can put you under pressure so much that you cannot even imagine.

5) A lot of embarrassment, favour, debt ( both emotional and financial).

6) Even can cost your relationships.

7) Can make you hopeless for entire life, can crush you really very bad.

8) You would have no normal life.

You must be feeling bad for the thought of being an entrepreneur after reading all this. But this is the worst case scenario for the ones who don't know how to execute their plan correctly.

Let me tell you the other side of story.

What it Gives you?

1) A magically magnificent intellectual and fulfilling life.

2) When you work beyond your hours, it makes you better than those working 8 hours a day.

Work includes Thinking, Imagination, Research, Planning, Discussion and Application.

3) When your whole savings are at stake it brings urgency inside you.

4) You would have no normal life means you wont have a normal life and only people who want their life to be special can choose Entrepreneurship and you would be giving your present special time to craft your life extraordinarily in future.

5) Can cost your relationships or I must say fake relationships. It will make your genuine relationship even better. This can be a time to show your real self and  see who supports you.

6) You will face embarrassment but its fine. Its necessary to face our weaknesses and fears. It makes you more humble and more human. With time you would overcome all your fears and trust me, you damn need it.

7) You will become an optimist. You will start seeing positive in everything.

8) You have possibility to become celebrity and inspiration to others around you.

9) You will help in producing more employment and making their life much better.

10) You will have tons of experience from all departments, be it menial work to most advanced digital work to deal cracking and negotiation.

Even if you are part of startup you would have an opportunity to absorb all these skills which can get you higher position in MNC's later in life.

More than anything, you will have deep knowledge and insights of our society, type of people, organisation and community.

Experiencing is always better than listening and imagining.

Experience this life if you are here to be more than just an ordinary person with ordinary knowledge and ordinary life.

Just don't let any stone unturned and never give up on the person you  have dreamt of becoming.

All the best!!

Aniket Swapnarshi

A Social Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Writer and a Dreamer

Founder & CEO at

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